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Stick Packs

Sizes of 17, 22, 27, & 40mm single-serve doses in a convenient stick


Solid dose (capsules, tablets, & soft gels) Capabilities of 1-7 product types


Liquid fill of 2ml and up 3 and 4-sided sealed packets

Secondary Packaging

Single-serve doses in bags, canisters, or cartons

Our capabilities

Full-service competitive supplement packaging solutions

Contract Supplement Packaging (CSP) is a leading supplement packaging company, serving the supplement industry for over 25 years. Our services cover a wide range of packaging types to fit your brand.

Our dedication to quality is evident in our certifications. CSP is:

  • FDA registered facility
  • Organically certified by the USDA
  • Registered with the Idaho Department of Pharmacy
  • NSF
  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Halal

Your supplements are packaged in a safe and compliant environment. Our team of experts can help you develop unique, high-quality packages that perfectly represent your brand.

Nutritional Supplement Powder / Pill Packaging

CPS provides customized solutions. Our pricing is competitive and focused on fairness and transparency. We ensure an efficient turnaround time to help you bring products to market quickly.

The supplement packaging process involves the following steps:

  • Preparation: Define the proper dose amount with precise measurements
  • Container Selection: Choose the packaging based on material, size, and functionality.
  • Filling: CSP machines fill the chosen containers with powder, pills, tablets, softgels or liquid.
  • Sealing: Tamper evident packaging keeps the product safe and fresh for your customers.
  • Labeling: We use your pre-printed labels and suggest information such as the product name, ingredients, dosage instructions, and any necessary warnings or certifications.
  • Secondary Packaging: Choose an outer pack such as a box, pouch, canister, or bottle.

Powders packaging includes:

  • Stick packs: Convenient and portion-controlled, ideal for on-the-go consumption.
  • Canisters: Wide range of sizes colors & caps.

Pills packaging includes:

  • Sachets: Secure and organized packaging for capsules, tablets, and soft gels.

Flexible Stick Pack Packaging

Single-serve convenience in stick packs

Our single-serve stick packs offer the perfect blend of functionality and sustainability for your supplements.

  • Portion Control:  We have a range of sizes and options to meet your dosing requirements, guaranteeing precise servings for your clients.
  • Material Efficiency:  Stick packs use 35-40% less packaging material than multi-sided packs. Keeping environmentally aware.
  • Product Compatibility: Our stick packs are ideal for single-serve powders, liquids, or solids, providing a versatile solution.
  • Portability: Stick packs’ compact and lightweight design makes them perfect for on-the-go consumption.
  • Convenience: The pre-measured format eliminates scooping or measuring, promoting convenient and mess-free use.
  • Delivery Options: Thanks to the user-friendly design, consumers can easily add the contents to water bottles or enjoy them directly.

Packaging Options

CSP stick pack sizes include 17, 22, 27, & 40mm on 4-multi lane Viking machines. Whether you’re a startup launching your first product or a national brand expanding your reach CSP can cover your needs.

Start-Up & Low Volume 

We offer cost-effective solutions with minimum order quantities of 100,000 units.

High-Volume Projects

For large-scale national deployments, we have the capacity to produce over 6 million units on a monthly basis.

Dual Dose Stick Pack Packaging

Dosing for two different products in one stick 

CSP has dual dose capabilities, which is an advancement in stick-packs. Dual dose packs allow for two different precise dosing ingredients within a single, convenient stick pack.

Dual Dose Packs are suited for precise dosing with a high-cost component within a two dose blend. Formula benefits include:

  • Cost savings: Reduce packaging costs
  • Precise dosing: Accurate delivery of crucial ingredients with +/- 0.05
  • Consumer Convenience: Simplify supplement routines with a single, pre-measured dose

Contact CSP today! Our team of experts is eager to discuss how Dual Dose Packs can elevate your brand and improve your customers’ user experience.

Sealed Sachets

Convenient single-use supplement sachets

There is a growing demand for convenient single-serve packaging. Our four-sided sealed sachets are perfect for various applications.

  • Multiple product types: These sachets can be filled with solid-use capsules, tablets, or soft-gels.
  • Multiple Uses: Our sachets adapt to various industry needs and are ideal for samples, multi-dose offerings, and travel-sized portions.
  • Combinations: We offer the option of including up to seven different products within a single sachets, which is perfect for promoting trial kits or combination formulas.
  • Branding: Personalize your sachets with pre-printed front and back panels to enhance brand recognition and product information.

CSP uses 4-OMAG multi lane V/F/F/S machines. Minimum order quantities of 250,000 units.


Liquid filled single-use packets

Convenient single-serve liquid packets are versatile for multiple uses.

  • Multiple product types: Packets are sealed on three or four sides and can be filled with a quantity of 2ml and up.
  • Multiple Uses:  Our packets at CSP are tailored to meet the diverse needs of your industry, making them an ideal choice for showcasing trial kit samples and travel-sized portions.
  • Branding:  Customize your packets with your own printed film for increased brand visibility.

CSP uses H/F/F/S machines. Minimum order quantities of 50,000 units. 

Dual Head Mateer Bottling

Supplement powders in canister packaging

CSP’s dual-head Mateer filler bottling line offers a solution for efficiently packaging your non-free-flowing powder products.

  • Packaging: We can accommodate various container types, including canisters and pre-formed bags, providing flexibility for your packaging needs.
  • Diverse Closure Options: Choose from induction sealing, shrink sleeves, or tamper-evident neckbands.
  • Auger Filling Technology: The line delivers precise and reliable dosing for each container, minimizing product waste and ensuring consistent quality.
  • DL Tech-Line Integration: Additional control and customizations during the filling process.
  • Customizable Fill Range: We offer a wide filling range of 1 ounce to 25 ounces, catering to various products.
  • Bottom-Up Fill Advantage: Minimizes product dust and ensures a clean and professional finish.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5,000 Units

Secondary Packaging

Individually wrapped single-dose packs in a box, pouch, or canister.

Beyond single-serve packaging, we offer comprehensive secondary packaging solutions to ensure your supplements arrive on retail shelves ready to capture customer attention.

  • Shelf-Ready: Bulk single-serve pouches packaged for retail.
  • Packaging Options: Single-serve units in boxes, bags, or canisters.
  • Amounts: Choose the number of units per box, bag, or canister to optimize space and sales strategy.
  • Overwrapping Protection: Select tamper proof wrapping from shrink wrap, bi-fold wrap, or tape seal for your products during transport and display.
  • Cost-Effective Bundling: This method minimizes packaging material while ensuring safe transport to individual stores.

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