A Full Service Contract Packager

Contract Supplement Packaging offers competitive pricing, rapid turnaround time, and a knowledgeable staff to service your custom packaging needs.


Contract Supplement Packaging is a full service contract packager specializing in single-serve packaging.

Our commitment to quality is reflected through certifications; CSP is an FDA registered facility for OTC (over the counter), organically certified by the USDA, and registered with the Idaho Department of Pharmacy.

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Stick Packs/Dual Dose

Stick packs are a formed on a V/F/F/S machines. Used for single serve powder, liquid, or solid dose, stick packs use 35-40% less packaging material than the traditional 4-sided or 3 sided packets/sachets.

Sticks packs provide end users with a pre-measured dose that is conducive for water bottles or straight to mouth delivery system that is convenient and compact.

Bottling Line

CSP’s dual head mateer filler bottling line is ideal for powder filling non free flowing products. This line fills canisters or preformed bags. Induction seal, shrink sleeves, and tamper resistant neckbands are all closure options available for this line.


CSP offers 4 sided sealed packets or sachets for single serve dosing in liquids or solid dose. For samples, multi dose in one convenient package, and travel size packages, packets or sachets fit many industries from multi-level market companies to gas station point of purchase.

Secondary Packaging

Contract Supplement Packaging can provide you with a quote on bulk single serve flexible pouches or a finished good that is directly put on a retail shelf. Secondary packaging is taking the single serve unit and filling a desired count into a retail consumer box, bag, or canister.

Innovative packaging. Modern solutions. Uncompromised quality.

CSP continues to be ahead of the curve in flexible packaging and single-serve packaging technologies offering innovation in dosing capabilities and delivery systems that are required for you to stay competitive the ever-changing world of packaging.


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